Y 01|001 - Engawa House

Sint-Martens-Latem, België
2019 - 2020

Engawa house is located alongside ‘De Leie’ river in the hearth of ‘Sint-Martens-Latem’. The house appears as a long horizontal building, carefully positioned on the plot in harmony with its natural landscape.

It consists of Two rectilinear volumes that lie parallel to each other. Each volume is constructed from a rational structure of wooden beams and columns tied together by a concrete plinth. The plinth elevates the house above the landscape, which allows the area to flood without the building being an obstacle for this natural phenomenon that is specific to the site. 

A neutral colour palette of raw pre-casted concrete and black-brown wood cladding subordinates the volume to the landscape. The architectural promenade unfolds trough the engawa, Inspired by Japanese design methods,  and leads to the next volume which accommodates a spatial sequence of functions strengthened by the split level and the void. Inside the wooden sculpture, the light is guided by several large openings and is refracted by the structure of the columns and ceiling to evoke a sense of shelter and warmth. Natural materials, a serene interior and refined details complement the architecture to create a haven of tranquility, harmony and natural beauty.

i.c.w.                    Parca projects
Completion:       building phase
Surface:              230m²


YAMA architects is a small-scale, interdisciplinary, architecture office based in Ghent - Belgium. 
Established in 2020 by Stan Guldemont and Lawrence Schietgat.



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