Y 03|001 - Extension KG

Deurle, België
2021 - in progress

A discreet path between the many deciduous trees leads from the front garden to the entrance area of the house. The interior space gradually develops from a very closed to a more open character towards the garden behind. From each part of the living space, a direct relationship with the surrounding environment is created through some large window openings of which the proportions are carefully defined in relation to the existing house. The dining room works as a flexible in-between space through which the boundary between inside and outside slowly fades away.

Starting from the existing situation, an optimal plan was pursued on the first floor with sufficient openness and a minimum of structural interventions. A light staircase construction is added and forms the connection with the loft space above.

The attic space forms the end point of the house. Natural light enters through a large wrought-iron window that offers a spectacular view of the surrounding wooded area. The bed is positioned centrally in the room and enclosed by the service functions. These functions optimise the use of space in the various intimate corners and sides of the roof truss.

Completion:       in progress
Consultants:       Engitop, VK Robyn

Surface:              -


YAMA architects is a small-scale, interdisciplinary, architecture office based in Ghent - Belgium. 
Established in 2020 by Stan Guldemont and Lawrence Schietgat.



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