Zulte, Belgium

Y 05|003 - House WA

2023  ― In progress

Located at the end of a ribbon development, House WA will be built as a refuge from the bustle of the busy surroundings. This 400 sqm. house consists of two bracketed volumes set inside of a rural plot. Anchored to stone platforms and surrounded by lush trees, the house aims to function as a pavilion that weave the site into an inhabitable whole. Living room, dining and master bedroom are contained in the north-west volume, while the south-east volume contains the entrance, kitchen and other bedrooms.



Deurle, Belgium

Y 02|005 - Extension PO

2020  ― 2023

This work-live extension is designed with a shift of 4 volumes carefully positioned around an indoor patio. The extension results in a playful structure in harmony with the existing house. A sufficient transparency of the spaces on the first floor allows the park landscape to be present in a powerful and changing way throughout the house. The entire house is built in recycled brick and carefully finished with bespoke aluminum profiles.

The starting point for this house in Deurle, suburb of Ghent, was to create a single storey building that maximizes the potential for interaction between the garden and the house and at the same time fits into the existing park landscape of the site. An ideal location to combine living and working.


Knesselare, Belgium

Y 04|008 - House BL

2023  ― In progress

This single family house is characterized by a layout that allows for spaces and functions to merge. The architecture explores the idea to juxtapose volumes in order to create a fluidity of spaces around two enclosed courtyards and an open field. There’s no real barrier between exterior and interior. Landscape and nature blend in seamlessly.

More of this project will be featured soon.



Kruisem, Belgium

Y 04|009 - YAMA Office

2022  ― 2023

Recently, YAMA Architects have undertaken a renovation of their office, which is situated within the rustic surrounds of an old tobacco factory in Kruisem. The project has been executed with an astute attention to detail, resulting in a space that is both aesthetically striking and functionally impressive. By implementing a carefully considered intervention, they have managed to create a unique and engaging experience within the walls of their workspace. 
More of this project will be featured soon.



Hansbeke, Belgium

Y 03|014 - House H

2022  ― In progress

In this house, the idea of landscaping is at the heart of the concept while maintaining maximum permeability on the site. The proportions of the different spaces, their interrelationships and natural light define the atmosphere and create a variety of intriguing scenarios.



Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Y 01|001 - Engawa House

2019  ― 2022

Engawa house is located alongside ‘De Leie’ river in the hearth of ‘Sint-Martens-Latem’. The house appears as a long horizontal building, carefully positioned on the plot in harmony with its natural landscape. It consists of Two rectilinear volumes that lie parallel to each other.

Each volume is constructed from a rational structure of wooden beams and columns tied together by a concrete plinth. The plinth elevates the house above the landscape, which allows the area to flood without the building being an obstacle for this natural phenomenon that is specific to the site. 


Bruges, Belgium

Y 04|006 - House AV

2022  ― In progress

This "enclosed house” was shaped by the idea of enclosure and the creation of an inward and protected world.
A place where one can retreat. 

The concept is felt not only in the spatial layout, but also in the natural and light materiality of the house and how the light interacts with the space.
We believe that the use of only a few materials generates a kind of harmonized background that in turn emphasizes the space and the life of the inhabitants within it. 


Loppem, Belgium

Y 04|007 - Pavilion V

2022  ― Design Proposal

This pavilion was designed as a horizontal and elegant volume with a kinked side facing the garden. This movement extends the natural flow of the winding green buffer and opens up towards the garden. The terrace and canopy provide shelter from the weather in a central location on the plot.

When closed, the pavilion appears as an abstract volume. As soon as it opens up, a new interplay between the volume and its surroundings occurs.


De Pinte, Belgium

Y 02|007 - House MO

2020  ― in progress

This monolithic house is designed with natural materials and incorporates a contemporary, timeless design. The project embodies a massive and intimate architectural vision where lights and views are carefully guided by the architecture. 

A deep, large, façade opening with an underlying multipurpose room forms the heart of the house and frames the vast vistas that are bounded by the plot. A sense of calmness and tranquility prevails in the house. A safe haven to escape from the daily rush.

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YAMA architects is a small-scale, interdisciplinary, architecture office based in Ghent - Belgium. 
Established in 2020 by Stan Guldemont and Lawrence Schietgat.



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