Y 02|008 - Hof ter Groene Walle

De Pinte (BE), 2023 - ...

A Rural extension project of a farmhouse with a high heritage value. Several valuable architectural details can be found throughout the farmhouse, the stable wing and the barn. Authentic elements such as the honest & tangible structures of the roofs, the profiled window openings, and the shadowplay in the facades have formed an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the new extension.The new volumes are carefully positioned in relation to the landscape. They embrace the pear tree giving it a central meaning. A place of recognition and tranquility.
The length of the design gives the garden its own identity, independent to the courtyard, and vice versa.

The new extension consists of a sequence of 3 volumes. A small-scale volume binds old with the new, yet separates them at the same time. This transparant volume forms the entrance to both volumes while keeping the connection between the existing gardens.

Completion:       In progress