Y 03|014 - HOUSE HA

Hansbeke (BE), 2023

Inspired by the rustic charm of old shed structures that dot the surrounding plots, this house embodies a modern interpretation of traditional architectural elements. Characterized by light-inclined roofs that pay homage to its rural heritage, the design seamlessly integrates with the landscape while maximizing permeability on the site.

At the core of the concept lies the idea of landscaping, where every aspect of the design is meticulously crafted to harmonize with the natural environment. The proportions of the various spaces, their interrelationships, and the infusion of natural light combine to define the atmosphere, creating a tapestry of intriguing scenarios throughout the house.

Completion:       In progress
Constructor:       Building +
Consultants:       Lime, VK Robyn
Interior:               Nathalie Deboel

Surface:              - m2